Who We Are
A leading first-of-its-kind UAE-based investment company, Dubai Investments was incorporated in 1995. Since then, it has grown to become a major player in the economy of Dubai and the UAE, with prudent investments in diversified sectors and markets across the globe – real estate, industrial, finance, healthcare and education among others. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market in 2000, Dubai Investments has 16,530 shareholders with a share capital of 4.25 billion. Through its businesses, Dubai Investments has empowered communities – driving positive growth in all fronts.
Our Mission is to add value and expand DI’s investment portfolio through sound corporate citizenship, financial engineering, network of relationships, and financial resources.
Our vision is to provide impeccable quality by delivering superior management performance and top of the line services to our investors...
Ethics, Integrity, Accountability & Ownership , Work Excellence, Human Capital Asset and Innovation

During the time when Dubai Investments was established in 1995, the UAE and the rest of the global economy were going through enormous changes brought about by globalization and technological developments. This period saw a rapid exchange of knowledge and information, paving the way for knowledge-based economies to flourish.

Following the footsteps of Dubai and its visionary leadership, Dubai Investments did not only strive in what was seemingly an unchartered territory, it successfully thrived in bringing the Company to where it is today - a reputed first-of-its-kind general investment public joint stock company in the UAE with a wide portfolio of sustainable and profitable investments.

Throughout the years, Dubai Investments has been an active partner of the UAE in achieving the national vision of becoming one of the best countries in the world by 2021. Through its wide-range of businesses and investments, the Company has been significantly contributing in building knowledge societies, fostering a resilient business environment, and cultivating happiness for all.

Five years after its establishment, Dubai Investments became one of the first companies to be listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Ever since, the Company has been rising above all economic cycles while steadfastly charting a positive growth path.

As it is to the UAE’s, diversification is also central to Dubai Investments’ ethos. Over the years, the Company has developed a strong portfolio of investments in a wide array of growth sectors – from real estate to manufacturing to healthcare, education and services.

Dubai Investments is equipped with a sound blueprint to cushion itself from the impact of any financial and macro-economic scenario. With the Company’s horizontal and vertical diversification approach and its emphasis on broad-based growth, it has managed to overcome cyclical and unexpected challenges – speeding up the recovery time and overcoming the effects of downturns in the most efficient way.

Starting all the way from the late 1990s, Dubai Investments has been a pioneer in the country’s manufacturing sector, which constitutes a significant portion of its total assets. The Company also has a strong presence in sectors like direct investments, building and construction materials, district cooling, information technology, food and contracting.

Agile to take advantage of the dynamic changes in the marketplace, Dubai Investments takes its game up a notch – eyeing more business opportunities in areas such as education, healthcare and entertainment.


Khalid Bin Kalban

Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dubai Investments is supported by a visionary leadership and management guiding its growth. Get to know the people behind Dubai Investments’ success:
Abdulrahman Ghanem A. Al Mutaiwee
Khalid Jassim Mohamed Bin Kalban
Vice Chairman and CEO
Ali Fardan Ali Al Fardan
Mohamed Saif Darwish Ahmed Al Ketbi
Khaled Mohammad Ali Al Kamda
Hussain Nasser Ahmed Lootah
Abdulrahman Mohamed Rashed Al Shared